WELCOME to my Website! I'm looking forwards to meet you and have the chance to support you in your path to a healthy lifestyle!

My passions are nutrient-dense food and being healthy in a natural way. To arrive at this point, I did so many unhealthy diets that only counted calories and no quality of food, thinking that was the way to achieve wellness. I was addicted to refined sugar, sweets, and cow's milk since I was 1. I thought that skipping a meal was a good way to loose weight and be well, and that nuts were bad fat and carbohydrates were going to make me gain unwanted extra pounds... I never thought of food as nourishing to my body, I was more concern about food making me gain or loose weight. Do you relate with this? I am sure many of you do! BUT don't worry! It is NEVER too late to change bad habits! After following and achieving a holistic lifestyle, I am ready to help you improve your health eating delicious food!



I am from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. I was born and raised surrounded by the Andes Mountains. I got a Multilingual Bachelor in Business and International Affairs where I wrote a thesis about organic products and soon I got interested and concerned about the conventional methods of farming in the world.  

In 2010, I came to Canada where I started to have some health issues. After two years, I realized that most of them were related to the food I was eating.  “Food is not like home” I used to say. I started researching, reading labels, looking the meaning of ingredients of products I was consuming and got obsessed to learn and to know what I was putting inside my body. I started to become healthier and that ended up becoming my passion. From that point, I switched careers to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner - First Class Honours - at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, ON - Canada.

Being healthy and understanding the struggles of bad alimentation, I have decided to share my experience to as many people as possible, so I have been helping people in many countries with health concerns and have done workshops, food demos, educative talks, developed healthy menus for coffee shops and so on.   I truly believe that the best way to teach people how to eat and to heal with food is by showing how to combine key ingredients to improve our health. Plus, I want to show people that eating healthy can be super easy, simple and extremely delicious. 

I have done volunteer work in organic farms in Canada and in Ecuador as well which have taught me the old techniques of farming, as those are the ones that generate “real food”. 

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is my mantra and I will use fresh and natural products to achieve the health you have been looking for. Don't worry we will go one step at a time; because my goal is that you follow this healthy path permanently and not just temporarily. I know that changing habits take time, believe me, I have been there! 

Let me guide you and share with you my knowledge plus my secrets from ancients natives from South America to keep you in balance with your inner you to become the best of you in the outside. 



Because I know how difficult and frustrating being unhealthy is, I want to spread the word and improve the health of people that is facing trouble finding a healthy lifestyle. I also want to heal people with food because there is no better pharmacy than the one mother earth provides to us. I want to be a guide for people that is already in that path and give tools to encourage them staying on it. My mission is to provide you all what you need in order to acquire a healthy lifestyle in a holistic way where mind - body are important to find balance.