What is holistic nutrition?

It focuses on whole foods. It doesn't count calories, but quality of food. Diets don't exist because all it looks for is a permanent change where you be HAPPY and ENJOY food without restricting yourself.

If you are thinking 'WAIT I don't want to stop eating pizza, burgers, fries...' you won't! All it looks for is balance. I'm confident fast-food won't be as appealing as it is now because you will learn recipes that will replace them and your body will reject them too. But, as I said, one pizza here or there won't kill you! 


Why is this the right path for me?

If you feel like you have tried every diet in this world and nothing seems to work. If you feel you are committed to change and want to dive into the simplicity of being healthy enjoying delicious food. Then, this is the right path for you! Being healthy doesn't mean spending hours in the kitchen cooking because it can be as simple as egg + sweet po + salad/veggies for dinner. I know we are all different that is why what worked for your friend might not work for you. If you decide to go in this path with me, my work will be personalized for your needs only. 


Why should I work with you?

Why not? I'm here for you! I do extended research about my client's health in order to help you achieve what you need. I love to share my knowledge to people that is 100% committed to change! There is no better reward than having clients achieving their health goals! Still not sure if you want to work with me? Read my blog, try my recipes, follow my social media (Instagram, Facebook...)! You will fall in love with my work! And remember, I'm here anytime you are ready for the best version of you! Let's do it together!